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I have found the information in this email, letter, web site useful and at the request of the originator I am passing it on.

My name is John, I am writing this in the hope of helping someone else with undiagnosed medical problems. So if you know someone with unexplained health issues, please give them this.

Unexplained headaches

I have suffered from continual headaches, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the last 20 months. The headaches are mostly dull and not located in any one point, a bit like a bad hangover. They didn't match any of the standard headache types. The major advice I have received from the health profession, is to wait for them to go away. Other symptoms included tiredness and confusion, for a full list please read

In April 2004, I discovered Lyme disease on the Internet and have since been clinically diagnosed with Lyme disease.

However not all Lyme sufferers have headaches, there are many other symptoms, which get worse the longer Lyme goes undiagnosed. The symptoms vary from patient to patient, for more details see, or type Lyme disease into your search engine. I suggest you take a look, Lyme disease is on the increase in the UK, especially over the last 5 years.

I can't give you a medical diagnosis, just the suggestion that if you have an undiagnosed problem, then it may be worth investigating Lyme.

Now comes the bad news, getting a diagnosis is not easy and you will have to do a lot of the work yourself. Most people never suffer from an EM rash, the test provided on the NHS gives false negatives and your average GP would not think to investigate for Lyme. What you need is a clinical diagnosis, possibly supported by blood tests done at a USA laboratory. Go to Eurolyme for the latest support information.

I can't offer advice on treatment, except to say that it can be long term, currently difficult to get on the NHS and the later the treatment starts the harder it is to eliminate Lyme.

If the information provided led to the diagnosis of Lyme Disease, please do the following two things :

John Pym

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